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  • +91 79 2642 3363

We provide consulting services in the area of management reporting, helping companies to reach their highest level.

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About Us

Solunaris was founded with an objective of supplying high quality products and services to demanding
and global active customers in the segments of digital textile printing.

Latest production equipment and quality assurance technologies ensure the consistent high-quality

In order to sustain business, it is important to think of long-term goals and not be myopic in approach.
Hence, as an organization, we have a policy to invest in authentic research that constantly develops new products, excellence in services, optimize process cycle, besides minimizing waste and improving
existing products.

Our highly motivated team has detailed know how and numerous years of international professional
experience offering full customer support to meet all textile challenges.

We ensure that all needs of our customers are met rapidly and efficiently.

Your Partner In Digital Textile Printing Inks!